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For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to the spirit of the natural world and its environment.

I returned to Ireland in 2009 having lived and worked in the Republic of Botswana, southern Africa for almost nine years.

My work whilst living in Botswana afforded me the luxury of living in pristine wild environments, and this ignited my appreciation of Ireland's very different, but nonetheless unique and wild areas.

Botswana is known as the ‘Land of Contrasts’. Over the time I lived there, my work took me from the desolate salt pans, to the oasis of the Okavango Delta. The vast Kalahari, to my favourite place, deep in the Western Kalahari.  The humbling sensation of being alone in an eerie and completely empty nothingness the size of Switzerland, a vast saltpan stretching level as far as the eye could see, heat waves dancing on its glittering white surface, contrasting with living on a palm tree island in the lush Okavango Delta, co habiting with large herds of old bull elephants.

It amazes me how the environment in any given area, from the largest to the smallest living bug, plant & mammal had adapted its behaviour and sometimes physical characteristics to survive.

This is especially apparent in Ireland's hidden gem...her bogs & wetlands....a whole world of wonder to be explored.

Each of my images is the result of many patient hours spent in an area, exploring and seeing.  It usually takes over an hour slowly observing before I can tune in fully to my surroundings. Occasionally, the light falls in a particular way on a subject, be it a wide angle landscape or droplets of dew on a Ieaf.  

I tend to return to the same areas regularly as over time I can observe the changing environment. A different angle of the sun, plants appear, flourish and die, and in each stage there is beauty.

I enjoy getting in as close as possible, creating an image that is almost abstract, yet familiar. One that has the emotional impact of a painting, but with the detail, authenticity, and direct connection to nature that comes with photography. It’s important to me that my images are recognised as photographs, and in that way the viewer knows that I experienced that real environment at that place and time.

Capturing my desired shot  more often than not requires me to lie down, or climb up, sometimes getting soaked in the process as I look for new perspectives and ways of seeing that which we can pass by unseen.

I hold a BA (Hons) in Photography & Printmaking from the Crawford College of Art & Design in Cork, and my work has been commissioned by the National Sculpture Factory, Bord na Mona, NPWS, EPA, and Lifes2Good.  My book was requested for the Aras an Uachtarain library by President Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland, who was also presented with one of my framed images at the launch of the Community Wetlands Forum Strategic Plan 2017-2020.


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