Tina Claffey Photography

Following her successful exhibitions Seoda-Treasure Under Foot and

Seoda-Treasure of the Wetlands, Tina Claffey's fascination with our native bogs & wetlands continues.

In her new exhibition Elements, she delves deeper into this natural wilderness, encouraging the viewer to slow down, as they immerse into an underworld of fantasy and mindfulness.

Using traditional photographic techniques, she conveys the mood of the twilight hours, the effect of the natural elements of wind, rain, overcast skies and brilliant sunshine, while also venturing beneath the water of the mysterious bog pools to reveal the treasures and inhabitants we cannot see.

While I usually try to spread joy and wonder through my images, sometimes my photography can reflect the beauty of sorrow, the despair of a prey victim facing imminent death. The euphoria of dancing midges in the evening sun, the curiosity and wonder of a budding fern, slowly unfurling its green limbs.

The interpretation of these emotions through my images can resonate with the viewer as they can connect and relate to that very same emotion at that time and place.

I have an active dream world and love to let it interact with the natural world.

Light reflects and penetrates, revealing mysterious and undiscovered life within the bog pools . Their dark still waters, and perceived bottomless depths entice me to their edges.

The floating spaghnum mosses deep down and on the water’s surface weave and meander almost hypnotisingly. The colours clash from deep red within the depths to vibrant green on the water’s surface. Overhanging flora and fauna create mirrored reflections, the shadows reveal the depths below, the reflection pulls the sky to earth.

Moods change in the passage of the seasons, the twilight hours, and onset of natural weather elements within the variety of habitats, including the ancient wet woodlands , often blurring reality and fantasy.