Ethnographer Documentary

A New Documentary ‘Ireland's Boglands - A Hidden Wilderness‘ featuring Tina Claffey by filmmaker Joosung Kwon of Ethnographer Media.

Joosung Kwon is a Korean American documentary filmmaker based in London. His films explore issues related to cultural identify, environmentalism, and globalisation.

A documentary from Ethnographer Media

RTÉ 1 News

One million animal, plant species face extinction - UN

The United Nations says hundreds of thousands of species of plants and animals are facing extinction, and that human activity is the main driver of the destruction. In a global assessment report, the UN says the crisis is as bad - or worse - than climate change.

TG4, Imeall TV Series, Ireland

Tinas Exhibition at Birr Castle, and the bog with Tina and John Sheahan, from ‘The Dubliners’.

Imeall take a visit to Tina's exhibition at Birr Castle, and then to the bog with Tina Claffey and John Sheahan, the renowned musician, composer and poet from ‘The Dubliners’.

Read more about TG4's Imeall, a bilingual arts series in Irish and Englssh.