1. Autumn & winter’s waning light - Live Encounters

    Live Encounters
    | Nov 2023 | Read Article

    As Autumn descends, the days become shorter, and the nights longer, it is believed that the veil between the physical and otherworld is at its thinnest.

  2. Wildlife, lighthouses and boats: The winning images in this year’s Love Your Coast photography competition

    Irish Times
    | Nov 2023 | Read Article

    Tina was one of the Judges for this prestigious 'Love your Coast' photography competition.

  3. Peatlands & Art with Tina Claffey.

    Peatlands & People
    | Sept 2023 | Read Article

    Art and science working in synergy have the capacity to unveil aspects of the natural world that would otherwise remain hidden. Numerous individuals dedicate their craft to raise awareness of the need to protect and restore Ireland’s natural environment. This article showcases Tinas amazing work.

  4. The 55th Birr Vintage Week & Arts Festival

    Offaly Express
    | 11 Aug 2023 | Read Article

    Tina was honoured to be invited to give the Opening Address in her hometown at the Vintage Sunday parade on the 6th August 2023 at the 55th Birr Vintage Week & Arts Festival, Co. Offaly

  5. Miniature World of the Bog Wilderness by Tina Claffey

    The Canadian Nature Photographer
    | July 2023 | Read Article

    The first sign of life in the Spring is frogspawn appearing in the bog pools. So full of life. The sun lit a small reed underneath this frogspawn and illuminated one cell. When I looked through the lens, the living cell looked like an eye staring back at me, the eye of Mother Nature herself.

  6. Tina Claffey - Winged wonders of Ireland's bogs & wetlands.

    Live Encounters
    | July 2023 | Read Article

    I love to get ‘lost’ in the bogs, eskers and wetlands of Ireland with my macro lens throughout the seasons. The macro lens allows me to capture what cannot be seen by the naked eye, and capture scenes that defy our sense of reality, glimpses of other miniature worlds that co-exist with us.

  7. Jane Clarke's book 'A Change in the Air'

    Bloodaxe Books
    | 25th May 2023 | Read Article

    Tina's 'Marsh Marigold' was chosen by Irish poet Jane Clarke as the cover for her current book 'A Change in the Air'. Her book has been shortlisted for the prestigious T.S. Eliot Prize 2023

  8. Colm Tóibín on the power of peatlands

    Irish Independent
    | 10th June 2023 | Read Article

    The author’s compelling new documentary on the history and present-day significance of Ireland’s bogs delves into questions of identity, violence, livelihood and conservation.

  9. Ferbane Bog Boardwalk opening

    Offaly Express
    | May 2023 | Read Article

    Tina was delighted to attend and was one of the speakers at the launch of the new Ferbane bog boardwalk, that was officially opened by Minister of State Malcolm Noonan.

  10. Minister Pippa Hackett presenting Portal to the Minister for Agriculture in Kenya on a recent trip

    Minister Pippa Hackett - Facebook
    | 12th April 2023 | Read Article

    It was a pleasure last month to bring a copy of Tina Claffey Photography's wonderful book PORTAL to Kenya, and to present it to Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Development CS Hon Mihika Linturi.

  11. Tina is appointed a patron of Irish Peatland Conservation Council (IPCC)

    Irish Peatland Conservation Council - Facebook
    | 12th February 2023 | Read Article

    The Irish Peatland Conservation Council (IPCC) are delighted to welcome and announce two new patrons Katherine Goeghegan and Tina CLaffey. Irish boglands have inspired their work and through this they have raised the profile ofthe wild beauty of bogland habitat and biodiversity.

  12. Count down to spring with nature-themed books

    Irish Examiner - Anja Murray
    | 11th January 2023 | Read Article

    Ireland’s peat bogs are extraordinary in so many ways: for the strange things adapted to live in such challenging conditions and the incredible capacity of living bog to preserve things over time.

  13. Tina in Wonderland

    John Feehan - Birr Year Review 2022
    | December 2022 | Read Book Review

    If you turn to the introduction in Tina Claffey's new book, you will find that she recalls her 'Alice in Wonderland' experience in Killaun Bog ten years ago: the day she went through the Portal of her new book's title.

  14. Ireland's miniature winter bog wilderness

    Live Encounters
    | 13th Anniversary, December 2022 | Read Article

    I love to get ‘lost’ in the bogs, eskers and wetlands of Ireland with my macro lens throughout the seasons. The macro lens allows me to capture what cannot be seen by the naked eye, and capture scenes that defy our sense of reality, glimpses of other miniature worlds that co-exist with us.

  15. The marvellous, otherworldly wonders hidden in Ireland’s bogs

    Irish Times
    | 7th November 2022 | Read Article

    Photographer Tina Claffey’s pictures offer a glimpse of the intricate beauty under our feet. A bog walk a decade ago unlocked the door to another realm for photographer Tina Claffey. Botanist and geologist John Feehan led the walk in her local bog in Killaun, Co Offaly in 2012 and gave everyone a small hand lens.

  16. Prominent nature photographer to give talk in local libraries

    Westmeath Independent
    | 16th October 2022 | Read Article

    Photographer Tina Claffey from Birr will give illustrated talks in Moate and Athlone library respectively this month.
    The talk is a 30-minute overview of Tina's stunning macro-photography which examines flora and fauna close up and provides the public with a seasonal journey through the bogs and wetlands of the midlands.

  17. The Woman Who Found Color in a Colorless World

    The Irish Spirit Magazine - Interview with Maeve Ryan
    | July25th 2022 | Read Interview

    Artists have a way of sharing the unspoken. Each have their own medium that they communicate with, and within that, they allow us to understand something that was previously misunderstood. An idea, a person, or in Tina Claffey’s case, a place.

  18. Tina Claffey - Portal, Otherworldy Wonders of Ireland's Bogs, Wetlands and Eskers

    Live Encounters - Issue (pages 28-43)
    | July 2022 | View Flip-book

    Each bog I visit has an energy or presence. An ancient soul. It breathes.
    "Live in each season as it passes: breath the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each" - Henry David Thoreau

  19. Portal, Book Review

    Live Encounters - Issue (pages 52-53)
    | July - August 2022 | View Flip-book

    Portal is an immersive visual exploration through hte realms of unique flora and fauna within Ireland's bogs, wetlands and eskers, revealing the hidden gems that have lived and evolved for millennia.

  20. Tina wins praise from David Attenborough amid book launch

    Irish Central
    | July 15th 2022 | | Read Article

    Irish photographer Tina Claffey received a handwritten note from Sir David Attenborough, thanking her for sending him a copy of her new book "Portal" and remarking how much he enjoyed its predecessor.

  21. Portal Presentation to Irish President

    Aras an Uachtarain
    | 29th June 2022 | View Image

    On the 29th June, Tina and her son Tristan were honoured to be invited to Aras an Uachtarain, home of the President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, to present him with a copy of Portal

  22. Portal Book Review

    Anne Cunningham, First Chapter
    | June, 2022 | Read Book Review

    If nature photography is your thing, you cannot miss this magical book, depicting the wonder of our wetlands and boglands in astonishing images. Nature photographer Tina Claffey has probably lost count of all the awards she's won and this book is testament not only to her talent but her eye for seeing what most of us would easily miss.

  23. Birr Photographer Launches Stunning New Book 'Portal'

    Midland Tribune
    | June 16th, 2022 | Read Article

    ACCLAIMED Birr photographer Tina Claffey launched a stunning new book of nature photographs this week. A big crowd turned out for the launch in the Copper Tree Gallery in Birr Castle and they all marvelled at the beauty of Tina's photos in this, her second book.

  24. New book by local author highlights the magic of our bogs

    Offaly Independent
    | June 12th, 2022 | Read Article

    A new book which aims to highlight the sheer magic of Irish bogs has just been published by award-winning local photographer Tina Claffey. The new book contains striking images of the unique flora and fauna hidden within our bogs, wetlands and eskers, all of which were captured by Tina Claffey with her camera.

  25. From Birr to Botswana

    Live Encounters Magazine (Page 28)
    | December, 2021 | Read Article

    I love to get ‘lost’ in the bogs, eskers and wetlands of Ireland with my macro lens. The macro lens allows me to capture what cannot be seen by the naked eye, and capture scenes that defy our sense of reality, glimpses of other miniature worlds that co-exist with us.

  26. Bog Pool Realms

    Senior Times
    | December, 2021 | Read Article

    Eileen Casey profiles award-winning photoghrapher Tina Claffey in December's issue of Senior Times. 'Early mornings are magical, as the dewdrops cling to the plant life and the low sun casts beautiful shadows.'

  27. Tina Claffey - From Botswana to the Bog

    Irish Central
    | 14th of July, 2021 | Read Article

    IrishCentral contributor James Hoctor of The Hut Near the Bog podcast chats with Tina Claffey, considered to be "The preeminent photographer of the Irish boglands."

  28. Kildare's Riverbank gallery reopens with exhibition from award-winning nature photographer

    Leinster Leader
    | 8th of June, 2021 | Read Article

    The Riverbank Arts Centre is reopening its McKenna Gallery next Tuesday, June 8 to present Portal, an exhibition by Tina Claffey, an award-winning nature photographer who has exhibited in the US, Botswana, Zambia and throughout Ireland.

  29. Lichen Worlds – Special Photo Feature

    Life Encounters
    | 3rd of March, 2021 | Read Article

    Many species of lichen can be found on the bog. They belong to the genus known as Cladonia. Lichens are ancient and simple plants that result from a symbiotic relationship between fungus and bacteria. They form many interesting shapes including antler horns, pyxie cups, matchsticks and bearded types. The presence of the lichens is an indication that the area is free of air pollution.

  30. How Ireland is abandoning its dirty fuel

    Raft Spider
    BBC- Future Planet
    | 3 December, 2020 | Read Article

    Tina contributed two of her photos, 'Summer boglands boardwalk' and 'Raft spider' for a BBC Future Planet article. The article talks about how peat bogs have played a historic role in Ireland’s economy and culture, but this high-carbon fuel is in fast decline. How will Ireland’s peat-reliant regions adapt?

  31. Photographer Tina Claffey reveals magic of wetlands

    Frozen Sphagnum
    Wild for Life
    | 2 November, 2020 | Read Article

    An article on Wild for Life, a UN Environment interactive map on peatlands, who did a feature on Tina's work. Where others see nuisance creatures and unusable land, photographer Tina Claffey sees magic.

  32. Autumnal Delights

    Life Encounters
    | December, 2020 | Read Article

    An article on Autumnal Delights. Autumn is an especially magical season, as the bogs, wetlands and eskers exhibit a wonderful display, a final eruption of colour before Winter sets in. The heather blooms into a sea of purple, while tiny Autumnal blooms appear providing much needed nectar in this late season, and are a godsend for the butterflies, hoverflies, bees & moths.

  33. How Abbeyleix raised its bog standards to the highest level

    Irish Times
    | 15 October, 2020 | Read Article

    In 2000, the local community of Abbeyleix took control of the conservation of their boglands. Twenty years later, they are celebrating a remarkable environmental success. Photographs by Tina.

  34. Peat Anthology flip-book with Photography from Tina

    | September, 2020 | View Flip-book

    RE-PEAT are a youth-led group pushing for a rapid peatland reimagining. They curated a collaborated document that presented a wide range of stories from worldwide scientists, artists  and geologists voicing their concerns about the future of peatlands in Europe. This was sent to the Members of European Parliament (MEPs) before the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) was finalised. 

    Tina contributed her images to this collaborative document, the 'Peat Anthology'

  35. Miniature Bog Life

    Live Encounters
    | 7 July, 2020 | Read Article

    Julys edition of Live Encounters on-line magazine. 'Miniature Bog Life' featuring Photographs and an article by Tina.

  36. Preserving Peatlands for our past heritage and today's environment

    | (Volume 6) 19 June, 2020 | Download Magazine

    Tinas images are showcased to support an interview with the editor and Benjamin Gearey of WetFutures. 'Preserving Peatlands for our past heritage and today's environment'(Page 9 to 13)

  37. Worlds within Worlds by Tina Claffey

    Live Encounters
    | 6 June, 2020 | Read Article

    Tina does a feature on Live Encounters on-line magazine, 'Worlds within Worlds ', a selection of Tinas photographs for the June edition.

  38. Zoom online Peat-Fest ReVeal with Tina

    Planet Earth
    | 31st May, 2020 | Watch Video

    Planet Earth’s first 24hr online global Peat-Fest ReVeal with Tina Claffey. Watch the video from their online Peat-Fest ReVeal with Tina.

  39. Sphagnum Moss- The Bog Builder

    Live Encounters
    | 3 March, 2020 | Read Article

    Tina does a feature on Live Encounters on-line magazine, 'Sphagnum Moss- The Bog Builder', writing about the importance of this moss in the bog.

  40. Ella McSweeney interviews Tina Claffey

    RTE Radio 1- CountryWide
    | 28 December, 2019 | Listen to Interview

    Ella McSweeney from RTE Radio 1 joins Tina on a Winter walk through her local bog. Tina's interview starts at 13.00 minutes into the program.

  41. Spiders of the Bog

    Live Encounters
    | 02 December, 2019 | Read Article

    Tina Claffey is an award winning nature photographer and author of ‘Tapestry of Light-Ireland’s bogs & wetlands as never seen before’ released in October 2017. For almost 10 years, she lived and worked in pristine wilderness areas in Botswana, and this experience awakened in her an appreciation of the natural world of Ireland.

  42. Irish Communities Are Reclaiming One of the World's Dirtiest Fuels

    | 24 October, 2019 | Read Article

    The harvesting of peat has created jobs and heated homes across Ireland for centuries, but local environmentalists say it’s time to start treating the land differently.

  43. Close Up Photographer of the Year with Tina Claffey

    Frozen Sphagnum
    Close Up Photographer of the Year
    | 22 August, 2019 | Read Article

    The flora and fauna of our bogs and wetlands are truly remarkable, as plants and their residents adapt to their waterlogged and mineral deficient conditions.

  44. The Carnivorous Sundew

    Marsh Marigold
    Live Encounters Online Magazine
    | 8 August, 2019 | Read Article

    Feeling lost after returning from Africa to Birr in Ireland, nature and macro photographer Tina Claffey found solace in the bogs of the Midlands Region. This living carpet of spiders, mosses and newts provided plenty of opportunities for photography, and a chance to slow down and adapt to the pace of life around her.

  45. Treasures Of Our Bogs

    Raft Spider
    Live Encounters Online Magazine
    | 6 June, 2019 | Read Article

    I am a nature photographer and author of ‘Tapestry of Light-Ireland’s bogs & wetlands as never seen before’ released in October 2017. For almost 10 years, I lived and worked in pristine wilderness areas in Botswana, and this experience awakened an appreciation of the natural world of Ireland.

  46. The Living Bog & Tapestry Of Light

    Frenzy Of Newts
    RTÉ Radio 1
    | 12 November, 2017 | Listen to Podcast

    On the Derek Mooney show, Eanna Ni Lamhna speaks to John Feehan, geologist,about the importance of our living bogs, and to Tina Claffey about her new book of stunning photographs of Ireland's bogs, ‘Tapestry of Light’.

  47. Book of stunning images captures the magic of bogs

    Tapestry of Light
    Irish Examiner
    | 6 November, 2017 | Read Article

    Donal Hickey write about Tina's book ‘Tapestry Of Light’ and how her photographs highlight the habitat value of raised bogs, their diversity of flora such as bog-rosemary, cranberries, lichens and sundews, and wildlife including butterflies, moths, dragonflies and frogs.

  48. From Dublin Bay to a tapestry of light: Nature books for Christmas

    Tapestry of Light
    Irish Times
    | 4 November, 2017 | Read Article

    Michael Viney selects Tina"s book ‘Tapestry of Light’ as one of his Christmas book recomendations for wildlife writing and photography.

  49. More Than Just Turf

    Birch Shieldbug
    Irish Farmers Journal
    | 1 November, 2017 | Read Article

    Tracey Donaghey talks about Tina's book of photography ‘Tapestry Of Light’, and how it opens our eyes to the beauty within our bogs.

  50. Tapestry of Light, by Tina Claffey

    Marsh Marigold
    John and Sally McKennas' Guides
    | Read Article

    John & Sally McKenna's Guides, reviews Tina's book ‘Tapestry Of Light’, and taking joy in the beautiful bog creatures and flowers that will put every reader on the path of appreciating, and maintaining, them.