New Exhibition

Landmarks – A collective of South Dublin artists

Pearse Museum, St. Enda's Park, Rathfarnham, Dublin
12th of September - 23rd of October 2022

Tina is honoured to collaborate with a collective of Dublin artists called Landmarks for their multilayered immersive exhibition that highlights the urgency of protecting the wild beauty of the bogs of Dublin and Wicklow mountains.

The exhibition is contained within 3 rooms, this is the immersive room, of which many of Tina's images are featured and projected to immerse the viewer in the beauty of our bogs, along with beautiful short films and soundscapes from the other artists. There are comfortable cushions to sit on and relax and enjoy the experience.

The exhibition runs until the 23rd October at the Pearse Museum at St. Enda's Park, Rathfarnham, Dublin. It will be officially opened on the 12th September by Manchán Magan.

Visit Pearse Museum for more information.

Portal Exhibition

Portal – An Exhibition by Tina Claffey

Phoenix Park Visitors Centre
4th -28th of May 2022
Portal Exhibition Phoenix Park

The Phoenix Park visitors centre hosts Tina's 'Portal, Otherworldly wonders of Ireland's Bogs Wetlands & Eskers' exhibition fro the 4th - 28th of May. Tina will also do a special illustrated lecture on the 21st of May at 3pm, for 'International Day for BioBiological Diversity'.

Tina Claffey, award winning photographer & author of 'Tapestry of Light', loves to get 'lost' in the bogs, eskers and wetlands of Ireland with her macro lens. Her latest solo show takes the viewer through a portal to other wondrous worlds that co-exist with us through her macro lens.

Lichens become enchanted forests, mystical goblets appear that are fit for otherworldly kings and queens. Tentacles of carnivorous sundews poise like a cobra ready to strike, while wondrous sphagnum mosses lay in frozen waters in suspended animation, their feathery limbs outstretched surrounded by magical bubbles. Immerse yourself in scenes within these ancient watery worlds that defy your sense of reality, while appreciating the ancient wilderness you are exploring.

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View 'Portal' exhibition image gallery.

    Big Picture 2019

    Natural World Photography Exhibition

    California Academy of Sciences - San Francisco.
    July 26 – October 20, 2019
    Frozen Sphagnum

    The Academy’s sixth-annual BigPicture exhibit showcases the 50 winning images from our world-renowned nature, wildlife, and conservation photography competition.

    Winnowed down from a pool of over 6,500 submissions from 67 countries, the photographs on exhibit tell a captivating visual story about our planet—from the pastel serenity of an Argentine salt flat to the poignant embrace between an orphaned gorilla and her human caretaker—and are accompanied by thought-provoking context and illuminating insights from Academy scientists.

    Tina was a finalist is the Landscapes, Waterscapes and Flora category with her beautiful "Frozen Sphagnum" photo.

    Visit California Academy of Sciences for more information.