Lullymore Heritage & Discovery Park

Biodiversity Boardwalk

Launched July 2023

Lullymore Heritage & Discovery Park, opened its Biodiversity Boardwalk, a first of its kind in Ireland, in July 2023. Tina's images are displayed all along the boardwalk to highlight the wonderful biodiversity that can be found in the bog. Lullymore also hosts a permanent exhibition of her images within its Visitors Centre.

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Untameable Movie

Written by international bestseller Colm Tóibín

A documentary by Averner Films

Untameable is a documentary by Averner Films, and written by international bestseller Colm Tóibín, narrated by the Oscar nominated Ciarán Hinds and features Michelle Fairley.

Exploring the Nobel Prize winning 'bog poems' of Seamus Heaney and the wild Irish bog landscape. Written by novelist Colm Tóibín, the film features poem readings by Michelle Fairley and is narrated by Oscar nominated actor Ciarán Hinds. Tina chats about her connection to the living bog and her photography features in the documentary.

Birr Vintage Week Luminary - Portal

29th July 2022

This video by multi media artist Caroline Conway for her Vintage Luminaries for Birr Vintage Week & Arts Festival. The luminaries were projected on different buildings at night throughout the festival.

RTÉ Today

18th January 2022

Tina had a chat with Daithi O'Shea and Sinead Kennedy on the RTE Today show about the magic of our boglands, and her new book 'Portal'.

United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) 2021,  Glasgow, Scotland.

'Irish Peatlands Gathering-A New Beginning'

Peatlands Pavilion Online Conference, 10th November 2021

I was honoured to be invited to give a visual presentation of my images on behalf of the Irish Peatlands Gathering at the online conference of COP 26 to highlight the values of Irish peatlands and their importance.

The Virtual Peatland Pavilion- an online resource of information on peatlands throughout the conference, and beyond. I was privileged that some of my images were used as virtual portals to click on to take the viewer to a special feature. A selection of my images are interspersed between Dome 1, 2 & 3.  Two of my images were also printed to a large scale 6ft x 4ft and were hung within the physical Peatland Pavilion at COP26.

View the Virtual Peatland Pavilion tour

Culture Night 2021 September 17th 

Lough Boora Visitor Centre, Co. Offaly

'Treasure' Premiere features poems by Eileen Casey, photography by Tina Claffey and art work by Caroline Conway. The film forms part of an exhibition, 'The Strange Case of The Irish Elk', a collaboration between Poet Eileen Casey and Visual Artist/Anthropologist, Curator and Poet, Jeanne Cannizzo. Treasure showcases bog themed poems set against a backdrop of Irish Peat Lands. Supported by The Arts Council of Ireland and commissioned by Offaly County Council Arts Office.

John Feehan's Wildflowers of Offaly Series

Offaly Heritage - YouTube

I am thrilled to be part of the team on camera (all filmed with an iphone) capturing John's amazing insight into the lives and wonders of the wildflowers of Offaly in short YouTube films. 

You can watch the entire series from 2020 and 2021 on Offaly Heritage's YouTube Channel.

WHC Conservation Live Conference

8 & 9th of June, 2021
WHC Conservation Conference 2021

Award winning Irish nature photographer Tina Claffey transports us through a portal with her macro lens, revealing the wondrous tiny inhabitants of the living carpet of Ireland’s bogs and wetlands. Lichens become enchanted forests, insects become architects, while others reveal a shield encrusted with nature’s jewels. Tentacles of carnivorous sundews poise like a cobra ready to strike, while wondrous sphagnum mosses lay in frozen waters in suspended animation, their feathery limbs outstretched surrounded by magical bubbles. Exploring both flora and fauna of this ancient wilderness, prepare to be mesmerized by Tina’s explorations of this lush watery world as she reveals hidden gems that have lived and evolved for millenia in this unique environment.

RTÉ 1 Nationwide

Tina Claffey brings Nationwide on an eco bog walk - (Starts- 11:45 min)

Award winning macro photographer Tina Claffey shares Mary Ward's passion for viewing nature through a magnified lens.

View on RTÉ Player.

Planet Earth global Zoom Peat-Fest

Peat-Fest ReVeal with Tina Claffey, 31st May, 2020.

Planet Earth’s first 24hr online global Peat-Fest ReVeal with Tina Claffey. Watch the video from their online Peat-Fest ReVeal with Tina.

Ethnographer Documentary

A New Documentary ‘Ireland's Boglands - A Hidden Wilderness‘ featuring Tina Claffey by filmmaker Joosung Kwon of Ethnographer Media.

Joosung Kwon is a Korean American documentary filmmaker based in London. His films explore issues related to cultural identify, environmentalism, and globalisation.

A documentary from Ethnographer Media

RTÉ 1 Nationwide

Tina Claffey brings Nationwide on an eco bog walk - (Starts- 14:27 min)

Award winning macro photographer Tina Claffey shares Mary Ward's passion for viewing nature through a magnified lens.

View on RTÉ Player.

RTÉ 1 News

One million animal, plant species face extinction - UN

The United Nations says hundreds of thousands of species of plants and animals are facing extinction, and that human activity is the main driver of the destruction. In a global assessment report, the UN says the crisis is as bad - or worse - than climate change.

TG4, Imeall TV Series, Ireland

Tinas Exhibition at Birr Castle, and the bog with Tina and John Sheahan, from ‘The Dubliners’.

Imeall take a visit to Tina's exhibition at Birr Castle, and then to the bog with Tina Claffey and John Sheahan, the renowned musician, composer and poet from ‘The Dubliners’.

Read more about TG4's Imeall, a bilingual arts series in Irish and Englssh.